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  • theres nothing wrong with it. i've probably only played it about an hour. its in mint condition, and has the best top i've seen on a premium. find my ngd thread for massive pics. i bought it because it was such a kick ass guitar, but i'm now realizing i probably shouldn't have with the 8's on the way.
    Go hokies! Well lol, I might also be selling the premium. Let me know next time you swing threw roanoke, there aren't many forum members around here.
    wow go figure, do you go to va tech?
    anyways, I love the 1527. its been great for me. killer guitar for the price. it sucks im selling it, but I have 2 custom 8 strings on the way, so time for some ibanez's to go. are you in the market for a 1527?
    It's the Tribute, and its amazing. It's extremely versatile for only having one pickup, and it sounds excellent
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