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  • Got a buyer now, should be sending the money tomorrow. I really need to put the money towards PC parts. Should have some sound samples up pretty soon, I'll let you know when I do.
    Not much, workin on my EP. I want to punch my soundcard to death. You got any of those guitars yet?
    As for basses, I typically play Lakland/Sadowsky/Fender. I have had tons of basses and always go back to four string Jazz and Precision Style basses it seems. LOVE the old Lakland Duck Dunn P and the Darryl Jones. ANything by Sadowsky is flawless, then I have my main gigging basses, an American Standard '05 Jazz in sunburst/maple with the S-1 Switch and Sadowsky pickups. A 76 Precision in blonde/maple. I have a few Warwicks and Spectors, but they don't get played as much honestly. You have any basses?
    Nikon D70 with outboard flash unit and a few lenses/filters. That's really about it. Learn how and what your flash is illuminating. If you pay attention to your flashes, you will be golden. Also don't use automatic settings, they really detract from detail... Just my $.02. :) As for the collections? Rob's is king. No one on the planet has a nicer collection that that guy. His is borderline ridiculous, and his taste is impeccable. He has turned me on to so many awesome guitars!
    I've bought all of mine used. My Y2D was technically new as it was unplayed and still had the plastic on it, but it was from a private seller. For new I would recommend Dubaldo music. The owner is a regular on the EB forum and seems to be a good guy. He gets a lot of the more rare stuff and I think his prices are good. He would probably be a better bet than Musicians Fiend or Guitar Center.
    hey bro, most are mine, but I did sell 10-15 of Robs. Mostly Jacksons. I mostly play bass, but went crazy on guitars and basses. :D THanks for the compliment on the pics. I try to take the best ones I can!
    Lol you say that, but when I got my Jackson USA it was flawed and thew Mayones I've played, the 2 EBMM's I've owned and the several more I've played have all been perfect, 100% lol. It's just one of those things, I think. I'm done trying to second guess QC without the guitar in my hands. If it is buggered I'll just return it I guess, if it's not I get an amazing guitar! I definitely get you though dude.
    yeah man, he still had a big collection. Still sick, but seems to be doing better. He is a tough motherfucker. and can shred like no other, almost better than he shoots!!
    I know, Rob is one of my best friends. ;) I brokered the deal between the two of them. I hang with Rob all the time. ;)
    haha yeah I saw those on ebay. the SL2HT is damn tempting. Did you see the one seven that Pharaoh just got?
    hey man, I will keep ya posted. Not sure if I am going to or not yet. I am just really into Mayones and Caparison. Think I may have finally been around the block enough to find what I will play more. I love Jackson, but I am not sure what I am keeping or getting rid of yet. Keep ya posted. Nothing wrong with Jackson, they will always be one of my favorite manufacturers.
    Anyway, the other one you linked plays AMAZING, my buddy has that exact guitar.
    I dunno which I would choose. Probably both.
    I appreciate you taking responsibility, but don't sweat it. The thread just spiraled COMPLETELY out of control :yesway:
    Yes, I know the Holy Diver will sound epic in it, but I think I am more excited to replace the stacked single in the neck with a Hot Rail. The stock pickup does not match a hot bridge pickup at all, and since I use the neck position for 90% of my leads, it's gotta be done.
    So far, I love the Pro-Mod. Only thing being that I hate the Stacked Single that is in the neck position that is in there. I'm waiting on a BKP Holy Diver for it, when that arrives, I will be putting a Duncan Hot Rail in, and that should make the guitar perfect.
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