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  • Ah forgot to reply, Yeah it was just a modern. I've been keeping my eye open for one and checking out prices lately, might try and get one next year.. Got quite a few things lined up for this year already :lol:

    But after that, I'm sold on Suhr as a great instrument, definitely will get one to be my main 6.
    Hey man, thought i'd drop by because I know you're interested.

    I played a Suhr Custom Shop today, it was amazing. Stainless steel frets, and one of the easiest necks i've ever had the chance to glide across, never felt fusion licks come so easy.

    Also the Suhr Stock Pups are insane, low volume on the knob can go from clean to full being insanely aggressive, leads just screamed.

    So you should get one for sick NGDs ;)
    And one is now on my list haha
    But the thing is that what other industry really does a lot of things that are "made to order" or custom?

    Beer (Ask me how I know. :lol:)
    Custom Hockey Sticks
    Custom Golf Clubs
    Custom Tobacco Pipes
    Custom Surf Boards
    Custom Paintings
    Custom Furniture
    Custom Tailoring

    There are literally hundreds more. All take skill, high grade materials, and a whole lot of time.

    Plus the guitar industry has boomed in the past ten years or so, granted it has been growing significantly since it start but within the past ten to twenty years it has grown a lot more than ever before, it is still a very young industry in the grand scheme of things.

    The guitar industry is over eight centuries old. The current model in the US has been around since the 30's.

    The industry boomed in the early 90's, but actually has been declining slightly since. Only in the last few years has it been on the significant rebound. I know because I've worked in it.
    Hey man i'm selling my Schecter Blackjack Atx V, i was wondering if i could use you as a reference that i'm not a psycho druggie. :lol:
    That one was black limba for the body and neck in Brazilian Burst, rosewood fretboard and a 2Tek bridge. I'm assuming you're talking about this one right?

    Regarding your thread on your diagnosis of depression...
    Keep your head up bro, it'll get better! :yesway:
    he pretty much stopped around there... He and I are into the same guitars. Carvin, Jackson, ESP, Caparison, Edwards, Warrior etc.

    He sold quite a few off too.
    Oh dude. Also i forgot keep your eye out on Amazon. Believe it or not they sell EBMM guitars and occasionally have some crazy deals.
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