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  • Lies. Obviously only I can can be a fan of them, thats just how it works - like Highlander....
    I'm a hobby guitarist-- nothing serious + the like, but would you like to get together and noodle some strings?
    Word, man. thanks for the welcome! we have one thing in common, lusting for new ESP's haha
    I wish I had a dealer with FR27s around here, I've never played on scalloped frets before. Not to mention that slanted single coil neck pickup... oh my~.
    Mahogany body, maple neck/fretboard, seymour duncan pickups of some sort, bolt on, hipshot bridge and oiled finish. Really low key and minimalist 7 string based on their Romulus design. The FR-27 was one of their more exciting models this year, I loved seeing it in some of LORD's videos.
    Haha my goals are low anyway... pretty much all I want is like 4 more Ibbys that are under 1000, 2 that are under 2,000 and then an ESP Horizon or 3. Do you work intense hours over summer or just get payed well?
    Ah man, so are you really going to go through with it? :( I've had days like that but then I realize it passes with time so I just go back to practicing and all is well eventually! :D Plus I hate to say it but the market is a disaster these days, if you try to sell anything you end up either hanging onto it or taking a monster beating. :noplease:
    What's this garbage I'm reading about you wanting to sell off all your guitars? :squint: I told you, stop looking up Guthrie Govan videos, that's depressing for all guitarists! :lol: ;)
    You'll just have to wait and see. I never reveal my new guitars until they are in hand :)
    Ahh man what sucks about me is I love playing bass as much as guitar lol My collection is quite small right now, (full-time student :lol:), but I also have a taste for keeping my collection down to enough that I'll have time for each of them. :agreed:

    Here's what I currently have:
    Ibanez RG1077xl
    Ibanez RG550 - '89 model (Black w/ Maple Fretboard)
    X-Tone PS-1 in Black (First guitar, too beautiful to let go :lol:)
    Warwick Corvette Proline 5 (Best bass I have ever played)

    My Immediate Wishlist:
    Carvin CT724 (This has to come out :agreed:)
    Dingwall Combustion5 or ABZ6

    Then where it gets tricky for me is deciding on which to guitar to give me stratty tones, Suhr modern, PRS 513, or some Thorn.
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