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  • Hey, just browsing some profiles!

    How do you like your TSL? I've been looking at some Marshalls, and you can get the JCM 2000 series pretty cheap over here.


    hey wats up?

    just bn doin the band thing we just released our EP and now lookin for a new singer!
    played a few gigs with the old line up that was cool but no more shows till next year now!

    How have you bn keepin up the shreddin ofcourse??
    Haha, quite adept at spanking the monkey eh?

    I agree on the holiday thing, it's the most annoying time of the year for me.
    Hey wat up? I havnt been on here in ages!!

    My band AGGREVATED just uploaded a new track off our EP should hav a listen see wat ya think?!
    Cool , What JCM tsl do you have the 100 watt or 50 watt ? and what cab you run it though as i'm intrested and would be intrested to hear your music
    I have one word for you DAMN!!!!
    I saw your videos on youtube good god you kick ass I cant believe your not in a band yet.
    Thanks! It's a 7420. Nice guitar. I like it.
    i watched some of your videos and i have to say you have some serious chops!
    Airbrush thats awesome your guitar is gonna look sick. The bus is belongs to my buddies and myself we all went in on it. Back in december we drove up to canada for a snowboarding competition it was sick. As you can probably tell I'm into extreme stuff mainly surfing though, and yeah thats me only I dont have blonde in my dreads anymore.
    Do you have any complete songs, or anything? I'd be interested in hearing your writing.

    Great fuckin' playing, BTW. :shred:
    Do you surf or anything, or playing guitar is your main thing? I play my seven when I can I recently got into a thing called race wars out here I havent lost so thats good have you ever heard of it?
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