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  • ahh i see. so you're thinking that 0-4 is all program changes and the control changes set for 5-9 would all be the same per preset?

    If so does that mean i could put 0 for delay, 1 for a low pass tone, and 2 for a clean channel with 5-9 doing the same CC's to each effect/preset?
    I don't use my Midimate that much, so I am not a super expert on it. I think the top buttons may only be able to be programed to one CC#. So, if you program button 8 to be CC# 41, I think it is stuck on that number. I don't think you can change it for another preset. I am not 100%, but I think that is how it is. I use my HD500 as a controller most of the time, and it saves all that information per preset.

    I would just pick 5 things that you want to turn on/off. Chorus, Delay, Tap, etc... I would look up those CC#'s and program the top 5 buttons to those numbers. I assume those numbers should work for every preset you select on buttons 0-4.
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