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  • (if you can have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?)

    jack bauer, cause i'd try to fight him.
    and i'd serve him, a steaming bowl of...
    Yo Buz,
    just checked you tour dates and saw that you play at the 19th September in Gothenburg. That the day after my birthday :D
    Keep looking out for a guy with a shirt :)
    Would also be great if you could get me in the show a bit earlier as a present or just hang out before the show :p
    Hey Buz!!!! Plz come to my city!!! you guys will only be the sixth real METAL band to play here!!!
    1.Napalm Death,twice 2.Bleeding Through 3.Soilwork 4.Caliban 5.Parkway Drive 6.Unearth!!!!!! If you guys can make it!!!!
    Thanks for the add Buz :D
    Any chance of you guys coming to Europe this summer or at all this year? specific to Sweden?
    Oh yeah if it aint packed up you mind signing it somewhere (headstock or whatever)
    Thanks Calan
    lol should have the cash in the next hour, how do you want it ?
    paypal, cashier? I would much perfer paypal but whatever.
    Yes VERY serious I just need get the cash gathered , I have 311$ in my account , I just need to scroung up the rest. I have two deals going on with two guitars so i should get some cash VERY soon. If they dont pay today I guess I will go pawn something. lol I REALLY want it.

    Great to hear yall are doing good.
    Oh yeah are you going to be back on tour by june(specifically the 2nd)lol?
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