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  • No shit dude you're from A2? I just moved from A2 to Toronto a year ago haha XD. GoBLUE!
    (Saw your post on that Carvin, Javier thread)
    just linking to pics on my fb page.
    sorry that they crash your browser.
    Sorry man haha I meant to get to it ages ago and it's just taken another place on the list of shit I need to get done!! Sometime for sure but I'd check out the official demo on YouTube. It's a very good recording and shows you pretty much everything you need to know about the pedal. It's pretty wonderful
    Hey, buster. Forgot to answer your question about Pallbearer's pedals:

    "Starting to regret skipping their show in Detroit last weekend. Care to comment on the other pedals they had deployed?"

    From what I remember, all of them were also rocking TCE chromatic tuners, and some 10-band EQ's. Not much else-- the sound they produce genuinely comes from their amps. You might have some luck trying to ask them what setups they run on Facebook-- they were more than kind enough to respond to my pedal question after you guys had answered it in that thread :D

    Happy shredding, feller.
    Wow, that's really cool! I don't think I've ever seen a guitar like that. Needs more strings, of course. :lol:
    I'm glad someone knows about that stuff besides me! That aluminum guitar sounds cool, too. :yesway:
    I feel so lame now that I've actually scrolled further down and read what you typed :lol:
    My apologies for the ignorance sir, that guitar sure is a beauty, though. :yesway:
    Can you confirm what kind of wood it's made of? I have no clue where I can find those specs at all. I also had a question about balance, how's she feel?
    I actually have 8 string Tele in mind myself, haha. I actually just emailed to ask him if he'd ever do a pickguard if a customer supplied the materials, because that offset singlecut would be fuckin' rad with a similarly offset tele pickguard and control plate. Make the PG black and put it on a butterscotch blonde-finished body, and I couldn't not buy it.
    Hey, I noticed you have an ash OAF 8 with a maple/maple neck. Does all that maple make it overpoweringly bright at all? I usually prefer maple/maple neks with an alder or ash body, but that 8 is an awful lot of neck to be all maple, so I have my concerns. I was thinking maybe a mahogany body to balance it out a bit, but if it isn't an issue to begin with then I'd be more than happy to stick with ash.
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