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  • Right on man.....shoot me a pic when it's done! He's a great guy and really knows what he's doing...just be as specific as possible when telling him what you want as far as tunings and action goes. Good luck!
    The strings on the DC400 I sold you were most likely Elixirs. Yup, they tend to last forever, retain a very good sound throughout their whole life, and be gentle on the frets.
    Yeah, that's what I figured. I mean, prior to this the lowest I tuned an acoustic guitar was D, so it's still lower! :lol:
    Nope. I came up with kind of a back asswards solution though. I put lighter strings on the rest of it and I tune the whole thing UP a half step. It somewhat defeats the purpose of the thing, but it does get the tension better. But I can only really play it by itself because of it, because very thing else I own is in standard tuning. Hopefully someone finds a thicker string that can be co-opted for this.
    Damn that's tight :lol: It's actually a very well put together set but I hope he's tuning it to D or D# haha :hbang:
    Yeah, the 3 OAFs, the KxK 8 scale that I ordered in 1989 (or so it feels like :lol:), my BRJ BFR, and another BRJ BFR that I bought off of someone ( I'm still holding out a tiny bit of hope that Bernie will get back to the shop and finish everything for everyone). And then a Peters Instruments build. I think the OAFs are going to be done first, but the KxK could sneak in the lead. Rob says he's working on it, but there is no ETA, so I don't really know when to expect it.
    Lol, I saw that! But I literally have seven 8 string customs in process right now, so I'm lucky if my wife will let me live as it is!
    Hey dood, just seen your message. Im very tempted to let them go. Wanna PM me a price you'd be happy to pay ?
    Yeah, it's kind of beat up though. I wanted to get the Skervy 8, but there's another guy in line ahead of me. And you realize that when you get your EQ9 I'm going to hit you over the head and steal it, right? :lol: That thing is going to be pretty damn cool!
    I just saw this message. Sorry. I haven't been at this forum lately. I can make any scale. 30" is possible.
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