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  • Yo man, how's first year at Edinburgh going? We should jam some shit up as 7 stringers, not met many 7 stringers here!
    hey i saw you are studying English Lit in college. Next year I have to take an English Lit class at my school to graduate, and it is considered by far the hardest class in our school. A quite low passing rate for the first time. Is there any chance next year you could help me if i need help?
    I doing very well actually, just finished my exams, now enjoying the sun, beer etc.
    Me and my friend are recording aswell at the moment, watch this space.
    Sorry for the late reply, how rude of me!
    I honestly thought Arjun was a good choice, anybody except from that horrible Zoe and I'm happy.
    How is Uni? Sex, drugs and Prog metal?
    i love these custom guitars around....the only point is the builder must be fair
    a lot of them are really fags today and the people must be careful,,,,,,, :) i hope your guitar scream in your amp soon :D
    Hey there CIAM! :wavey:
    I saw you uploaded your band's album in the iTunes store.
    The other guitarist in my band has a solo acoustic sideproject and we just finished his first EP (which I've mixed and mastered). We were wondering if it was hard to get your stuff on iTunes? It would be way easier that way :D

    Thanks man!
    hey Ciam, what's going on with extendedrangeguitars.org forum? trying to get to it and i can not find it.

    did it get closed or something?

    The forum already plummeted to all hell when the ownership changed, one bumped post isn't going to make it any worse :lol:. Plus, at least if I do it here I don't do it on metal guitarist which is actually a good forum.
    Hey guys,

    I haven't been posting here as much as I used to, but I thought that I'd post this for anyone who might care.

    As some of you will know, Edinburgh University has offered me a place to study English Language and Literature provided that I achieve the grade in my next diet of exams. These exams are now two months away, so it's time to dive headfirst into solid revision. I may want to undertake postgraduate education or a fast-tracked Law course, so it's important that I perform well in these exams.

    I should have some sweet guitar pr0n by the time of my return (ET Guitars RG7). I'll see you guys in two months (7th June). :wub:

    Yeah its hawt. :lol: I'm going to put a blue Ibanez logo on it, don't h8, but I really love the Ibanez logo :lol: and just Danish oil over it.
    I haven't gotten an update from Elysian either.. :noplease:
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