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  • I was a PMI at the range and I remember 130 degree days working outside... no bueno. But it was actually a fun place and full of debauchery. Applebees after Dark referred to the fact that there were all these hot waitresses that worked there and they would party after the doors closed on fri nights with the occasional girl-on-girl party lol. Enjoy!
    Enjoy Yuma! I loved it there... Ron's, Applebees After Dark lol, Green Door, the one that had trivia night on Wed.
    I have not heard the new Vildhjarta, I tend to want to stay away from djent (or in this case thall). But if it's awesome, I'll sure give it a listen:yesway:
    Yeah, I've been pestering Dariusz with so many quotes (I have settled on a design though, 1400 euro without case) that we are on a first name basis now:D

    If things are slow, there is always something guitar related to do:yesway:
    Yeah, they'll tell you how much it'll run you for before you order. They will want confirmation on your order, the they'll send an invoice. You can send them how many quotes you want, there is no fee involved.
    That is what I am saying, there are a few of them in stock too. So if one of those appeals to you, you'll have it almost instantly. But if you want something else, differrent pickups, wood, etc. you'll have to wait.

    Also note that a standard crusher has a fixed price, so if you are satisfied with the standard options, you'll pay 1060 euro (excluding flightcase) for a seven.
    I just heard that it was not as good as I thought... I will get a better recording though:D

    I waited for about four months, but that is only for the crusher. Most other it's upwards a year, sometimes even more.
    I have a cell recording that is the best I have been able to do, I could send it to ya. I unfortunately lack professional means of recording, but it's kinda ok...
    I have been thinking about that, but I have yet to get a good enough sound quality... Know what? I'm gonna try again right now.
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