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  • Thanks Captain :yesway:. I always try to find good moments to use that kool-aid guy :lol:. Reminds me of the Jim Jones thing.
    Hey dude! Sorry - that actually only happened once! I'm fully stocked at the moment, I spent hundreds the last time I purchased to keep me going for a good year or so haha. Sorry dude
    The same. Work, school, work, etc. Should be finishing up my album here soon though but I'll probably be tweaking bits of it forever, as usual lol.
    Thanks man, I miss that game so much... makes me sad each and every time I look at it. :(
    "10/10 would stalk and write blog about again -Captain Shoggoth"

    Just saw that one. lol'd pretty hurddd
    Yeah, school is finally starting to pick up with me too, so some nights I'll have like 4 hours, sometimes more, of homework. But since they're making ME1 for PS3, it looks like I can play the entire trilogy after all. And as far as play style goes, I haven't really found one that I liked yet. Soldier was fun, but I didn't really like vanguard. I like to play like a space marine, a fucking big guy with a fucking big gun punching aliens in the face. I also LOVE cloaking, so maybe on this playthrough I'll be an infiltraitor. You?
    the geth collective and geth dreadnought missions were fucking great. "Windows are structural weaknesses. Geth don't use them, remember? :lol:
    I'm inclined to believe the indoctrination theory, but even if it's not true(which is certainly a possibility), synthesis is still the worst option, because you essentially indoctrinate EVERY living being in the galaxy. I'll do another playthrough soon where I pick destroy and romance Tali :wub:

    I love that graph :lol:
    I didn'y really like the ending, although I love the concept of the starchild trying trick you (that's how I see it, anyway) and the indoctrination theory is certainly interesting, but still, there was the hole thing with Anderson following you in and, yeah I didn't really like it. The only other problem I have with the game is that there is A LOT LESS talking on the Normandy, which was really annoying when trying to talk to people and then not seeing the dialogue wheel. I was also disappointed that I couldn't recruite more characters. All in all, it was ok.
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