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  • Hey dude, thought I'd just drop by and say I hope things are going well :) good to see you around a bit more again ;) Hope to do business too.
    i can't exactly remember what it was :lol:

    i was either going to ask you the characteristics of white limba or Katalox :ugh:
    hey brian, how have those builds been coming along?
    I wanted to inquire about a certain type of wood you were using in one of them :)
    Hey man, hope you're okay! The 8 string blue flame headstock looks rediculously fuckable.

    You're a fucking talented builder/luthier and I think you belong in the industry.

    Cool logo too -_-

    Just looked at some pics of Bowes models, very VERY nice man. And a Canadian no less :D
    Sweet!!! I can get a blank for $88... however, for that "super low" end tone, is there something that you might recommend different??

    ADD: just noticed we have the same b-day!!! HAHAHAHA:hbang:
    Hey... would "swamp ash" be a suitable wood to use for a body on an 8 string??? Mainly concerned about the tone and strength...
    I see your online, what's your MSN so we can sort out some specs, if you wanted to?
    Is it too early to be wanting a custom quote? I would like to know how much my ultimate dream will cost me :yesway:
    Dude.. that 11 string is absolutely insane!!! How in the hell can that be possible?? Stunning work though... the fret board sets that guitar off very nicely and cool concept on the dots... now i cant wait to get mine started!
    when I have the money... when I have the money... when I have the money I'm gonna throw it at you so damn fast :squint:
    Hey dude, I just e-mailed you some pretty much conclusive specs, but I forgot to mention that a slightly longer scale might be cool too, maybe 26.5 or 27" cuz I'll be tuning to G since my 6ers are in C standard.
    FB'd you about possibly hanging out.. also, pics of body? something? Also, Sims updates are going great - it's nearly done, pickups ship out tuesday, going to try and get it before new years (or at least have it shipped out before then) :)
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