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May 20, 2019 at 3:55 PM
Jan 22, 2007
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Guiterrorizer, from London ONT

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May 20, 2019 at 3:55 PM
    1. The Dark Wolf
      The Dark Wolf
      :lol: There's actually a deep Jedi lesson I'm trying to impart here. But it's like a Zen koan - you have to think about it, and find the meaning for yourself.

      Remember, Zen is attempting to free oneself from the wheel of karma. So... what is the sound of one hand clapping? :D
    2. ohio_eric
      Go to the mall? What for? It better be pretty fucking metal.
    3. ohio_eric
      I get pissed at people that demean other people and act like their shit don't stink. :mad:

      Also, thanks for being like half of my visitor messages. :wub:
    4. ohio_eric
      If you give her a gift, make sure to wrap the package. :D

      Oddly I'm the same way. There are people I struggle to care if they live or die.Yet if I like you I'm willing to go to Hell and back for you.
    5. ohio_eric
      Helping people and music will be a most glorious career. Hell just wanting to help people for a living is awesome. You rule good sir. :wub:
    6. ohio_eric

      That is a most glorious start indeed. :D

      So what are you actually studying?
    7. ohio_eric
      Hows school? Hows the college girlz?
    8. Zepp88
      Because you're addicted to the internet.

      It kind of sucked because it was an inpromptu get together for her birthday, a quiet affair...I had a beer, and was sitting on the couch, next thing I know I wake up and half the people had left, my band mate was sleeping on the other couch, so I left :lol:
    9. Zepp88
      Well, I guess one dumbass moment lately brought on by tiredness was competely botching a solo at our last show, started the solo, the timing was fucked, solo falls apart :lol: I basically collapsed at my friends apartment soon after we finished...
    10. Zepp88
      Not really, lately I've been pretty successful at not being an idiot.
    11. Zepp88
      I can't get on MSN, I'm at work. :squint:
    12. Zepp88
      It's 3:48 AM, I'm at work, nothing much is new besides being a bit more active on my blog recently, expanding it's scope, and having fun.
    13. ohio_eric
      Get in the chat room ..:D
    14. Karl Hungus
      Karl Hungus
      Hey man. Yeah, been around, haven't really been posting much I guess? I'm good though.
    15. ShawnFjellstad
      p.p.s. check my live pics thread, foo'. :D
    16. ShawnFjellstad
      thanks man. good luck with the search for a place to live. my buddies and i are currently on the hunt for a new place to live too, but living in socal is expensive. :(

      p.s. i think i'm going to take a trip up to canada just so i can meet the singer of your band. :D
    17. ShawnFjellstad
      i've been busy as hell duder. school's started up again, my band has about 8-9 shows per month now, and marching band started on monday. i'm not going to have any free time at all pretty soon. :lol:
    18. eleven59
      When you coming into town and how long you staying? I've got something going on Saturday night, maybe two things :lol: But I might be able to hang out Sunday or Friday night.

      Also, check out Fallopian Tube Swim Team :flex:
    19. Blexican
      Nothin much here, sweet profile pic btw. Looks like you had a good time.
    20. Shotglass
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    London ONT
    In a warehouse
    Main Rig:
    JCM800 2203
    Real Name:
    Other Guitars:
    PRS Custom 22 w/ SD '59s, PRS S2 Singlecut Satin, AJC Custom singlecut
    '83 JCM800 2203
    Effects & Pedals:
    Boss TU-3
    EHX Micro POG
    Micro amp
    Fulltone OCD v4
    Strymon Big Sky
    Strymon Timeline
    Keeley Caverns
    EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Orange PPC412
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Scarlett 2i4, GarageBand
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Jazz III/Ultex picks
    Guitarist in Sparrows, signed to New Damage Records, Van Hathaway was my ride or die but now it's Vandra Bullock

    music, tattoos, and to a minor extent cars.


    Louder than the Melvins: www.sparrows613.com

    Artist for: Orange Amps, Fender guitars, Fractal audio, Empress effects
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