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    1. Shotglass
      Haha no, no guitar lessons for me.
    2. Mogwaii
      You know I'm from Oshawa, right? hahaha. I think it'd be well worth the trip though. Man, you're making me want to sell my Parker @_@
    3. Codyyy
      Yeah I used GP. But I always like to play the "main" part, if I can. Which often trades off.

      Just spend all your time on the tapping part and fuck the rest :lol:
    4. Mogwaii
      That'd be rad, if I had a job <___< whats your sweet price? ;)
    5. Codyyy
      I probably learned a combination of parts, no specific guitarists's part. Usually the part that is most present. In the opening riff though (if that's what you're asking about), I played the higher part, the harmonization of the original riff. Just sounded better to me.

      As for slowing things down in GP, I'm pretty sure there's a tempo box that you can just click on and set. If not, it's definitely somewhere in the pulldown menus.

      Now I just decide what pth song to learn next. I'm torn between Turn Soonest to the Sea, and A Plateful of our Dead
    6. Zepp88
      Hahaha, I don't see that happening, unless you go Blackjack+Cash+Blowjob for a Carvin.

      Things on my end...yeah...lets go with super :lol:
    7. Blexican
      Where'd you score free beeeeeer from? :D
    8. Zepp88
    9. Edroz
      "so i went on the gibson site, both the LP Studio and LP custom have the 50's neck carve. and the same pickups. hm, imagine that"

      so it appears i spent an additional 2K for an ebony f/b, binding and fancy inlay work on the headstock... :ugh:


      anyway, i think you'll dig the Carvin man, if you like the Gibson necks, you'll feel at home on the Carvin :agreed:. the 727/ 747 to me feels like a combination of a Jackson Soloist and a Gibson SG. and if you want a LP control layout, just get the active electronics option, this way you'll have 4 knobs to wire as you wish later down the road if you like... that's what i originally wanted to do on mine, but i ended up really liking the Carvin active preamp for clean sounds.

    10. eleven59
      Haven't watched 'em all yet lol

      As for the pic, yeah, we're re-doing all of them as they don't really match lol
    11. Edroz
      the 490R is the neck, the 498T is the bridge. yeah, i'll let you know what Tim says... i actually used my LP on the solo in "consuming the light" on my myspace page, if you wanna hear the guitar.

      i don't know a whole lot about the neck profiles on the Studios, and how they compare to the others... i've always been a Custom guy, only LPs i like . unfortuately i believe you can't replicate a true LP into a seven. even the Epiphone sevens feel wrong to me.
    12. Edroz
      haha, i was actually gonna email Tim from Bare Knuckle if he makes any pickups that come close to those soundwise :lol:. i really love the 490R in particular though, i can only describe the tone out of that pickup in a LP as "magical". i've tried close to 10 other pickups in that guitar just out curiosity, and they all fell short.
    13. eleven59
      Possibly...I'd have to re-string my Strat lol Or get a new high-E string at the very least. And it'll likely have to be after we move and get unpacked, as things will be pretty crazy until then lol
    14. ShawnFjellstad
      werd fo sho.

      30% funk ftw. :lol:
      why did you need to replace the tuner?
    15. Zepp88
      :sharpie: NOM
    16. ShawnFjellstad
      i made a thread about it in the general music section. :yesway:

      sounds like a chill day dude. i loooves me some chill days.
      today was pretty chill for me too. i have a drumline rehearsal tonight and a date with mah lady after that. should be nice. :yesway:
    17. Zepp88
    18. ShawnFjellstad

      i'm good dude. you?

      hey, check out the song i just posted. :D
    19. sakeido
      At some point I'll make a video of it but I'll need to tighten it up some more. And learn all the riffs. Like any tune I learn, I only practice the fun riffs :D
      I want to go to Toronto at some point but I dunno when I'll have the time/money
    20. eleven59
      Well, probably better to suggest after the 4 months, since I'm sure they'd prefer someone who's actually here lol But yeah, I really doubt they're wanting a second guitarist.
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    London ONT
    In a warehouse
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    PRS Custom 22 w/ SD '59s, PRS S2 Singlecut Satin, AJC Custom singlecut
    '83 JCM800 2203
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    Micro amp
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    Guitarist in Sparrows, signed to New Damage Records, Van Hathaway was my ride or die but now it's Vandra Bullock

    music, tattoos, and to a minor extent cars.


    Louder than the Melvins: www.sparrows613.com

    Artist for: Orange Amps, Fender guitars, Fractal audio, Empress effects
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