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  • Did you see this one? Really unique color and good year!
    1992 Original Factory Hand Made Paul Reed Smith CE24 PRS CE 24 Magnificent | eBay
    listened to some of your band's other songs... fucking A dude.. make your way down to to the new england area anytime in the future and beers for yourself and your band on me!
    I do but we aren't really ready to start playing gigs yet. I'll let you know when we've got some recordings and stuff done though. I'd love to get some gigs going in the London area. I have some buddies who go to Fanshawe for MIA who are also in a metal band. I think their called Mouthful of Ashes.
    Hey dude! I haven't been keeping up to date with sevenstring.org. I'm going to send you guys a message on facebook, we're going through St.Thomas on September 2nd and we need one more band on the bill. If you guys are down just hit me up through email ([email protected]).

    Thanks for reaching out!
    I ended up putting it on the shelf for a while until I get done sorting life out. It was the only thing I could afford to drop at the moment. Hell my amp broke months ago and I haven't even attempted to get it fixed. I'm just now getting even remotely interested again. Nothing too bad but just a lot of changes.
    I'm actually living in Chatham now, never updated that. Plus, no one knows where the hell chatham is.
    You have an excellent point about splitting the weight, because I'm sure the Roadster combo would be heavy as fuck! The 1/4 stack would be easier on the back for sure.

    And you got a great deal on the Roadster. Guitar Center and my local shop have the Roadster head new for $1,999 and the Roadster combo for $2,199, but if I could go used and save a few hundred, that would be great!
    Also, Guitar Center has a used Roadster head for $1759, but they're not offering a manufacturer warranty.
    I don't blame you a bit man. If you find something that works, stick with it! And the Roadster seems to be phenomenal!
    The only amp that I GAS for more than the Roadster is the Road King, but that thing has a major price tag. I know the Roadster isn't cheap by any means, but I can hopefully swing the $2K.

    Any thoughts on the Roadster 2x12 combo? I originally thought of the getting the head and a 2x12 cab, but then I spotted the combo at Guitar Center.
    I really appreciate the input. I've only been able to play the Mesas on a few occasions, so I've not been able to really explore all of the modes and test out the different tones.
    But you've definitely given me faith that Mesa is the way to go for sure! :yesway:
    Thanks for the help dude.
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