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  • i mean I like screaming music maybe ill just have to get use to his voice or something. Nut question does meshuggah have shredding solos in there music.
    Hey guys thank you very much but I just heard the singer for the first time not his lyrics but his singing I dont really like it but guitar is great. I like the way they play the guitar.
    Haha I guess maybe. I think I renamed that one to untitled to try and make it seem like I'm not a idiot :)
    Thanks a lot! It's probably one of the most progressive things I've ever written. Sorry about the song name though haha. I was sucked out of ideas after recording it, and it seemed better than just calling it 7 G#30
    ive figured them out pretty easily if i need any assistance anywere ill use that with you
    my ears are pretty strong
    just so you know
    im working with songs #7 and #10 mainly but im basically learning the riffs from most of your songs just incase it sparks something mighty
    Im hoping ill have a finished product that i can send you for a couple of the songs by the end of next week, sorry its taking so long, im pretty busy writing with my band so yeah.
    just wanted to inform you
    okay do you have anything in paticular you want done though? or can i just go with whatever?
    also this is going to take me a little while to do, im going away for three days just so you know
    okay cool hes that mikezilla guy on youtube right?
    haha i remember sitting there learning some of those sweep sequences he used
    hes a sikk guitarist
    hmm, ill have to tune up for everything, as i keep one of my guitars in A# and another in C
    but thats cool
    ill work something out in a bit
    are we planning on doing vocals over these?

    its fine i just found out my buddy has cubase so i can record whatever with that, hes also got some drum programs he said we could use [if needed]
    hmmm okay, right now i just have riffworks, and even that makes my reallllyyy old computer crash
    but we're upgrading soon, and ill hopefully be buying cubase pretty quick,
    how much did acid pro coast?
    would you recommend it?
    im down with anything dude
    are we gonna record via youtube or fancy recording technology [by fancy i mean cubase/protools] that im lacking at this moment [doesnt mean its out of the question though]
    he isnt my drummer, he just recorded with us. my last band, everyonew was like 20-30 years old, and then there was me [im your age i beleive]
    but hes a cool dude,

    but ya do you wanna write something via email?
    or do you have stuff pre-written
    well, what do you need? im board and i need something to do

    if you also need drums, my last band's singer is best buds with a dude named shawn gairdener
    he toured europe with testament and is going on tour with black dragon in september
    im still on good terms with them and stuff, so ya he'd be down with anything also
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