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  • will have PLENTY of merch bro! otherwise we wont be able to afford to go to QLD the next week haha.
    Cheers for the support bro,
    Thanks for the message dude!
    Answer is yes, me and the other guitarist in my band will be bringing our axefx's, and just running them into the power sections of whatever backline we can get our hands on. Our poweramps/racks are too heavy to fly
    oh, we just recorded those with our guitars tuned to dropped a. it worked pretty well on spineless. i'm tired of the dropped c tuning, since i'm playing it for 6 years now. it's still our basic tuning, but we might mess around with some 8 strings on the next record, we will see. ;)
    hey, thx buddy. man, we'd love to come to australia, but it's not that easy for a small band like us. if we get the chance to do this, we'll take it...that's for sure.

    hey dude,
    the EP gets released on sunday,
    after then you'll be able to order it off our bigcartel and we ship worldwide.
    Selling for $10.
    will be on itunes a few weeks later also.
    cheers man real glad you like what you heard.
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