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  • Yeah I know what you mean. $35 for a pick! lol. Maybe I'll save it for my birthday and then justify it. I'll let you know when I'm buying it, and I can order an extra for you to try as well. So a bag of 72 tortexes for now in that case! $28
    Thanks for the response! I know what you mean by the bevels chipping off slow, but not the tip. I don't think that applies to the traditional shaped picks though. whenever I've used the jazz iii, the tip would retain it's point. I doubt if a traditional shaped pick from those guys would hold up. But I am curious to try. At a phase where I am practicing with a metronome, and these Tortexs', jsut wear out a lot after 2-3 sessions, even though I love the feel/shape.

    I'm considring trying a Blue Chip TD45. It's about $35+ , expensive of course, but as a guitar enthusiast I think we can justified for indulging in these luxuries, especially if they deliver.
    So, how are the gravity picks? Which one did you get? Durable? I don't want to necrobump that thread!
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