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  • It's off of the Nuclear Blast website, which is Meshuggah's record label. It's not a "leak", it's the record label offering the track for free (which is what Gratis means) in exchange for your email to send a newsletter to.
    Man,how do you record with reaper and the pod? i'm struggling with it quite a bit,and i'm asking you since i loved your mini demo sound.do you use any impulse or the pod's cab sim?
    also,how do i EQualiz/compress etc...in Reaper? thanks man! i'm pretty much a n00b,sorry :)
    Honestly, I've owned over a dozen RG7's, and about 8 UV's, and all the UV's have been significantly better instruments. The necks, pickups, fretwork, and quality of wood have been superior.

    Not to mention they're far sexier.

    There's a reason that a lot of those who don't even like Ibanez still love the older UV's. The newer ones are pretty badass as well. My 07' UV777PBK plays wonderfully, and for awhile was my main gigging guitar.

    Really, try out an older 90' - 97' UV, it's easy to compare them to the RG7620, as the spec sheets are so similar, but really they are vastly different guitars in feel and tone. It's like comparing a Peavey 6505+ to a Bugera 6262, yeah the specs are the same, and even a lot of components are exactly the same, but the 6505+ still has the edge.
    The lady of the house has told me numerous times that "If the Green Dot goes, you go!". :lol:

    The fact I adore it also factors in, but not as much. :lol:

    Though, if you really want one, there's one on eBay right now going for fairly cheap. It's gotta a little modding done to it (scalloped frets from 11-24), but other than it's absolutely pristine. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm saving for an AxeFx and S7G, on top of moving cross country again, I'd probably pick it up.

    I never really had the balls to mess up an old UV, but really dig scalloped boards. :lol:
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