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  • Thine self is pissed the hell off, but I am fine, how are you, oh pwner of games? :)
    oh, i did! we all did! :yesway:

    and today i picked up new johnny truant (seeing 'em a week from tomorrow :D) and new deluxe edition Opeth.

    Mint ginger ale? Wow.

    If we have it, I've never heard of it or seen it. But Red Bull.... ugh. It's like uber sweet Faygo red Pop. I'll just take my beer or my shots straight. :D

    I do like margaritas, though!
    That's why we post in states of drunken stupor, Amir. :D Makes everything interesting all over again!

    And it does work every time.

    We need a Billy Dee emoticon. :cool:
    why thank you kindly good sir!
    for that il take you off my list of ppl to kill :)
    Sup Amir,

    ya man as much as I love the agile - i cant shake my technique of playing with the strings at floyd height - like my right hand gets messed up as the height off the body for the strings is too high for me.
    Yeah man I'm really happy with it! :) I would love to have a Brunetti again (the cleans on that are quite possibly my favorite of any tube amp, so organic! :yum:) and perhaps a Randall RM series or Egnater (too much $$$ for me right now though haha) but for now I'm pretty content with it. Maybe I can get Ryan to record some A/B clips this week when I visit with the Powerball and the new BKP going into my Thorn! :wub:
    well what do you expect its a fucking burrito :yesway:

    a burrito isnt a burrito without the beans
    Wha!? i've not seen Fresh Prince on TV over here for a good while :(

    I'm still holding out for a reunion :D or better, a movie! It's only a matter of time before big movie companies realize Will Smith actually can't act. He belongs in Bel Air!
    Aha! touché my friend!

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