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  • Hi, yeah I saw that you added me but you never showed up as one of my contacts. If you could send me your email I would appreciate that. Sorry I haven't got back to you, I've been busy over the past couple days. If you give me your email I'll write it down or something so I can still contact you even if adding you doesn't work.
    Hey, checked out the Tranquility Demo...listening to it now actually. I really enjoy it, great composition.

    I actually have a question, would you teach me how to write? It's a weird question, but I am currently stuck at the moment and whenever I try to write something it just never pans out. So I figured if maybe I try someone else's method things might happen, plus I love your music so getting advice by someone I respect would be awesome...anyway thanks for reading.
    Hey, I just listened to Discovering the Tenth Dimension and it was really good. You have a knack for writing...I'm quite jealous.
    Hey just listened to your Zelda thing and I liked it so much that I actually had to write about it, well sorta. It was fantastic I would love to hear a recorded version if you ever make one. Thanks for posting it, really inspired me to re-visit some old Zelda projects of my own.
    yaa man im a HUGE frost* fan! went to see them at their xmas gig and support dream theater. cant get enough hah
    Prog death mostly, I like jazz as well. His name is Aneal Dhaliwal. Just look him up on facebook. Let him know that mehtab told you about him.
    Im 16 so thats not too bad in terms of age gap @ all. If you want I know a 6 string bassist thats down in delta. He might be kind of busy right now.
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