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  • Yeah dude, always - add me on Facebook if you have one: Joel Lindfors. I'm the one with goofy cover picture and stuff.
    Doing well, man. And yeah, you did. Hence the sig quote. And yes, next time we shall indeed. Ruthless mercs under the same flag. \m/
    I'm not sure yet. I have a lot going on this month again but I'm definitely doing one for March. We shall wee.
    Thanks mate! I really love putting this thing on and I hope I can keep it fairly regular this year. I fell way behind before.
    I use normal for most applications, though monitor does cut through a debse mix when you arent relying on the Mackie for stage sound I.e good for monitoring.
    When I power up it just pops and the fan kicks in, nothing else.
    clarity isn't really too much of an issue on any of the higher gain pickups. They are all made to work well with plenty of gain. Some are a little too aggressive in the high range for the jazz stuff though. Knowing nothing about the guitar or your set up I'd say cold sweat would be pretty straight in terms of voicing. It's less aggressively voiced as some of the other contemporary pickups.
    Hmm. Well what are you running it into? :scratch:
    Cause it is a Pre-amp processor, and either it needs to be set up for recording by going through an interface out to studio monitors, or needs a poweramp, or needs a powered FR speaker like a Mackie HD1531 or Atomic.

    If you have a amp head you can use it in the efx loop and bypass the amp and use it as a poweramp. I've done it with my invader, but I usually just keep it set up with my monitors until my atomic wedge gets here.

    Did he give you the manual also? It probably can explain a lot more than I can :lol:

    Hey mate,

    Sry it took me a while to get back to you, but I must confess, I really don't know too much on sound! I just happen to have an extensive product knowledge from working at GC back in the day(regret is flowing...out). :noplease:

    But from what I've read, as long as the HD500 has a simple XLR out(I think, once again haven't tampered with Line6)and you powered monitor has the corresponding end, you should be good to go! :hbang:
    The mini mixing board shouldn't matter, since the HD500 has chains, presets, and EQs all built within. Once again, I could be wrong. :scratch:

    But I'll give you advice I can stand by. Get an Axefx instead. :lol:

    I hope I helped!
    Hey dude, thanks for the message... just listened all the stuff you posted since last time I was here, loved it! Feel free to let me know when you post more stuff :)
    Would you mind running me through your recording set-up for me at some point, probably on msn so I can ask questions.
    I'm new to recording and I haven't done any because well I don't really understand everything.
    Thou hast been added. :D

    Hopefully it works this time...

    I've got your email so we're good to go anyway, thanks for being so cooperative. :)
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