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  • No it's not. You may have a bad tube or two somewhere in there. Luckily thats an easy fix and nothing major.
    Wait, I just noticed you said GCX system. You'd have to contact Voodoo Labs about that. I thought you said you had an RJM Amp Gizmo. Basically, either one will work. Also you can e-mail Voodoo Labs, they're alright about getting back to e-mail, but good luck getting anyone on the phone :lol:
    I'm not entirely too sure if you have to order them through a dealer or not. Go here RJM Music Technology, Inc. - Creators of the RG-16, Amp Gizmo and other MIDI switching systems and e-mail their sales guys and see if they'll make the cable for the UL for you and ship it to you direct.
    Chances are theres a "russian for dummies" book or something like that :lol: I really cant wait though, i always liked languages.
    Thanks for the advice there :) Yeah, i really look forward to it, assuming i can search out a teacher here :nuts: If not, i may have to do something like German until i go back to Melbourne (more teachers). I'll let you know tho :yesway:
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