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  • Hail from South Africa!
    Just needed to tell you that you're a GOD, Senior Abasi!
    The following is strong here and we'd love to have you over sometime. Hope the Abasi range is going well since all the kak you received and the frets remain alight! I know I'll be ordering one as soon as I've saved up enough.
    Big fan of you buddy, Cant wait to get my weightless CD! Ill be there in Cleveland Nov 9th!! Keep up the tunes man

    Thanks for the input on your writing riffs video! It reminded me so much of the intro to this song by Benn Jordan
    Benn Jordan - Ascent - YouTube
    hey man, its me jym. imma try and make it to your kentucky show this sunday. if i do will you sign my rg2228?
    Hey Tosin. Again wanted to thank you for the awesome clinic last night in NYC at Sam Ash - and also for the insight as to what I should start learning for the guitar. Awesome work with the AAL stuff. Kudos to being an amazing guitar player, and a new major influence on my playing, style and technique. Hope to see you in the NJ or nearby NY area again. Also, thanks for turning me on to the X-series EMG's too - they are THE best pickups I've used yet!!!
    @tandjent i agree with this fellow. COME TO DETROIT AGAIN AND HEADLINE!!! I want ya'll to have a longer set...
    Hey dude, I heard AAL for the first time a few days ago, and I have definitely found a new favorite band and guitarist. Thanks for contributing to my life with awesome music as well as inspiration!
    Hey Tosin, 'just droppin' by to say I can't get enough of AAL and Reflux, and your music always makes my day, I never thought I'd get as heavily into instrumental music until I heard AAL - Now I can truly appreciate both music with vox and Instrumental pieces on a multitude of new levels! I'm so bummed, I missed out on the Detroit date, and a friend of mine, also a member, made it and met you! Haha, but moreover, you are a true virtuoso and hero of mine, and I can't wait until you guys come back to the Metro-Detroit area, because THIS time, I'm so there! Oh - and enjoy the LACS, it's a beauty!
    Hello Tosin,

    I just wanted to say I really love listening to your music. As brutal as it is, is always makes me chill out. Also, I love the way your new guitar looks!

    Keep up the good work!

    I just want to say thank you so much for your amazing album :) Please record another one as soon as possible!
    hey maing, i just noticed your not playing the summer slaughter show in cincinnati ohio. i noticed your playing almost all of them BUT the cinci show, i was wanting to see you guys the most. is this a typo or are you really not playing cinci?
    Yo dude wassup? Just wanted to say great show the other night at the social. My girlfriend and i talked to you about u guys coming back in july-august, the axe-fx, recording ur album etc. \m/

    Hope the rest of the tour is going great. Were definitely going to see u guys again when u come back. Take care man! (Hopefully next time i can play the RG2228 for a bit? lemme knw hahaha)
    Hey Tosin,
    Just wanted to let you know that I really love your music and have tried to get as many people as possible into it, and I plan to cover more of it soon (I did one cover of "On Impulse"). Thanks for making such great stuff!
    Of course i remember! That was a good time. Um..i have no clue what the cab is rated at..(my bad) i think it's 240watts though. Let me know if you are interested! $700 + shipping
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