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  • Hej! Vidio sam tvoj post :) Dobro pričaš hrvatski s obzirom da ne živiš tu. Kako je u australiji? Nisam nikad bio tamo. Nadam se da ću imat prilike. Pozdrav iz Zadra.
    Sorry i haven't replied back to your comments dude, i haven't logged into SS for a while. How's the search for a guitarist going?
    Hey! Just checked your myspace page sounds sick!
    I noticed in your latest thread you said you use an agile intrepid.
    Did you have any dramas getting it in to the country? How much did customs sting you? Cheers
    Hey dude! I checked out your band, that 11.3 song is pretty wicked.

    Your green dot is rather sexy too man, im jealous!
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