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    Post Your GAS

    What brand is this?
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    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    Did eveyone see the following update on Facebook? Jari is out of his mind, that's for sure. "ALBUMS UPDATE Album 1 60% done (currently working on) Album 2 60% done Album 3 60% done Album 4 20% done TIME II 90 % done"
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    New Aaron Marshall Signature Schecter

    I cannot keep up with the his recent brand changes. PRS, Suhr, Mayones and now Schecter. Wondering what’s next.
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    "Support artists!" but...

    The playlists are much better on Spotify. If you want to find a good playlist for French hiphop songs or for some background music for cooking, you'll end up finding unusable playlists on Apple Music and half of the time these playlists have nothing to do with your original search. On Spotify...
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    What ever happened to the dudes from Red Seas Fire?

    Pete is now a truck driver in Norway:
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    Overkill Bassist DD Verni doing something different

    Reminds me of Bad Devil from Devin Townsend. It’s a fun little song.
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    Jeff Loomis Teams Up with Graham Bonnet

    Loomis never played in Megadeth. Chris Broderick did.
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    Custom guitar w sustainiac?

    What a weird question. You can put a sustaniac in any guitar.
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    Where has the bass gone?

    We’re facing a new problem due to bassists starting to realize that they get more pleasure out of j****** off in front of their laptops than from playing that damned instrument. Studies predict one million bassists to quit playing bass this year and next years numbers will be even more extreme.
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    Children of Bodom/Bodom after Midnight Megathread (RIP Alexi)

    This was unexpected. The drums on the EP sound so mechanic that I was under the impression that they were written in MIDI.
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    The one song/album that 1st got you in to Rock/Metal

    My mom and dad brought this album home from one of their Polish trips. My mind was totally blown. I was around 6-7 at that time.
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    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    Wife got the Pfizer one, no side effects whatsoever. I got the first dose of the Russian one Sunday afternoon. All grand until the following morning. Then headache, tiredness kicked in and my body temperature started to increase. It went up to 38,5 Celsius by 2 PM, so I got some Rubophen and by...
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    I fucking HATE YouTube Music.

    Unfortunately they don't have a lossless option. 320kbps is the max bitrate you can select. Having said that, I used to listen everything in FLAC and I don't find that I am losing such a huge amount of definition by listening songs in 320kbps.
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    I fucking HATE YouTube Music.

    There are loads of tutorials about how to transfer your playlist from one platform to the other. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to do it. I cannot recommend Spotify enough.
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    What are you listening to?

    Absolutely beautiful:

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