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  • DUDE I HAVE 420$ for the AGILE HORNET PRO ...

    BTW, do you hav the original black pickguard ?! thnx
    Hello sir, do you believe switching from right to left hand to purchase your instrument would perhaps improve my playing ability since I am left handed anyway?
    I didn't know i had messages,some reason it didn't alert me,i'm sorry.
    I'm looking for one of my ESP B-7's i sold a few months ago,i'm willing to
    trade a very nice ESP Eclipse CTM,the Euro model,Jona weinhofen from Bleeding Through and Bring me the horizon ordered it for me from BM Music.The ser # for
    the B-7 is K0714404 ive seen it somewhere on one of these forums.If you know
    who has it gimme a shout please.I'll even pay a reward $50
    you should bring that king v over when you pick up the neck
    I only know of 1 more guy here in Bay City that has one!!! And I sold it to him. I need more 7 string players where I live!
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