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  • My on going quest to stop the "whats the difference between the 6505 and 6505+", "what X will get me teh djentz" and "what gauge strings" threads. Glad I could help mate! :metal:
    Damien, do you get kicked out of the mall regularly? hahah! That one kid in the window XD that made my day. Your band is pretty cool! When you master your stuff let me know. Oh check out this site for recording: REAPER | Audio Production Without Limits

    I do have a band, but we are more of a sideproject, hence moving situations. But we do have a very shitty record on my ipod. Other than that, I guess the positive side is that we have time to come up with stuff before we can play as a full band again. We plan on making Progressive, Djent, Death metal and maybe Black metal with a jazz experimental mixture of stuff.
    couldnt see your post on the thread but it shows up on my control panel. thanks for the comment about my band! we really just got back together to play that memorial show, as far as what the future holds for us, i have no idea.
    Weapons are against the law here so we can't even buy guns so cops and criminals have guns and we're in the middle swallowing their bullets.
    Nobody sells explosives for civilians here.
    Please please just a little C-4 for me!
    I sent you a pm lonnnnnnnnnnnng time ago on Jemsite saying it finally worked God knows why.
    I already got banned for 2 weeks because I used that "rate thread" too much.
    What the fuck, they put that stuff for us to use but give us vacations if we use it?
    Dumb people everywhere :lol:
    Haha! 250ml's rule! Powerful little buggers! I always used the gain channel as a boost/lead channel anyways. Put a nice distortion pedal in the loop like a Boss Heavy Metal or Bass Distortion and that's more than enough crunch!
    Just buy one from MusiciansFriend/GuitarCenter online and you have 45 days to return it if you dont like it! ;)
    Try one of the 5150-III amps before you purchase anything. They added a depth mod to it (was my only complaint about the 100 W). It is everything a 5150/6505 is but with less hiss/fizz and 3-channels instead of 2 with a dedidcated clean. Best buy for under $2000 IMO.
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