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  1. c7spheres
    c7spheres MaxOfMetal
    Hi, I just wanted to say I didn't mean to start an argument or fight or offend anyone on the 432hz thread. In fact, just the opposite. Sorry for any trouble. It was not my intention to have it shut down. I was hoping that people could just have a civil discussion about this stuff, but I see where it was going I guess with the new thread that was opened.
  2. Lucas Ray
    Lucas Ray
    singer, guitarist and songwriter for Lucas Ray EXP
  3. jovima69
    jovima69 stinkoman
    I'd like to take this bridge assembly off of your hands. Please let me know where to send the $. THANKS! Joseph
  4. But Doesn’t it Djent?
  5. beerandbeards
    beerandbeards glytch5
    1. glytch5
      ; )
      Jul 4, 2019
  6. satch81
    satch81 Jack Secret
    I was looking to buy an Ibanez J Custom RG6CST.
    The ultra profile is narrower than the wizard? The nut is 43 mm or 42 mm? You have measured? The spec on ibanez wikia says 43 mm, but i'm not sure about that, some people says 42mm.
    You have selled the guitar?
    I never had an Ultra neck, always jem, wizard, wizard 2, super wizard (i don't like too much, too thin).


    best regards
  7. Defyantly
    Aspiring Builder
  8. KnightBrolaire
    the vht ul blows
  9. Vehuel
    Vehuel Neked
    Hello, is your aristide 8 still available?
  10. asandwich
    First we live. Then we die. In between is just blood and noise.
  11. Cobhc221
  12. RRR3
    RRR3 Ola Englund
    hi Ola a just have to thank you for your videos on youtube channel they are very helpful...
    1. Ola Englund likes this.
    2. RRR3
      Im a subscriber by the way..kkk
      Jul 12, 2019 at 7:45 AM
  13. RRR3
    Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Arch Top
  14. Rtf417
    Rtf417 dowenprs
    Hello. I have a question about a post a while ago about your custom pink camo esp 7-string guitar. Please message if you can. If not, not worries. Thank you.
  15. jackie20
  16. srrdude
    srrdude morgdav
    hey man that black kxk 8 scale is godly. I'm just curious if you still have it or have offloaded it somewhere, cause I'd be interested in picking it up if it were ever on sale.
    1. morgdav
      I still have it and will never sell it :) It is shame so few exist because it is an incredible guitar.
      Jun 25, 2019
    2. srrdude
      ha. Agreed. I managed to get one, arrives today, but that trans black finish is pretty rad.
      Jun 25, 2019
  17. JustinRhoads1980
    "Satisfaction is the death blow to your success. Satisfaction is saying that you no longer need to struggle." - CT Fletcher
  18. mechanyx
    Always looking for pickups
  19. Lotuseater
    Lotuseater pdbeaton87
    Is the jackson v available
  20. Nikolas Quemtri
    Nikolas Quemtri
    Recording and mixing all day
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