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  1. srrdude
    srrdude morgdav
    hey man that black kxk 8 scale is godly. I'm just curious if you still have it or have offloaded it somewhere, cause I'd be interested in picking it up if it were ever on sale.
    1. morgdav
      I still have it and will never sell it :) It is shame so few exist because it is an incredible guitar.
      Jun 25, 2019 at 10:55 AM
    2. srrdude
      ha. Agreed. I managed to get one, arrives today, but that trans black finish is pretty rad.
      Jun 25, 2019 at 11:16 AM
  2. JustinRhoads1980
    "Satisfaction is the death blow to your success. Satisfaction is saying that you no longer need to struggle." - CT Fletcher
  3. mechanyx
    Always looking for pickups
  4. Lotuseater
    Lotuseater pdbeaton87
    Is the jackson v available
  5. Nikolas Quemtri
    Nikolas Quemtri
    Recording and mixing all day
  6. Vikingfirebeard
    At work wishing I was tinkering with my recording software!
  7. Empty666Mirror
    dj0nty boi @ KryptoSoma
  8. Spazz stringz
  9. MagnitaRock
    MagnitaRock KwameDude
    Hey dude, I`m from Argentina. I need your RG8 pickguard sketch and I canĀ“t download it, can you help me? please
  10. JctGSD
    The Lefty Curse
  11. MaxOfMetal
    MaxOfMetal Mateo_36
    Contact the site's administrator, @Alex

    He's the only one who can delete accounts.
  12. Mateo_36
    Mateo_36 MaxOfMetal
    Can you please delete my account? I can't find out how, or even how to PM for that matter. Looks like I signed up in 2011 but just randomly got emailed something?
  13. KnightBrolaire
    Hour of Penance is so good
  14. Empryrean
    Empryrean canuck brian
    Hey Brian! Long time no see, I was wondering about those Nordstrand pickups with the oversized poles, do you happen to have any clips of those bad boys?
  15. KP Grasshopper
    KP Grasshopper whosdealin
    how do I get in touch with you about your PRS guitar?
  16. KnightBrolaire
    take a shot everytime Budda tells someone to just buy a 5150.
  17. KP Grasshopper
    KP Grasshopper whosdealin
    I'm interested in buying your PRS P24 if still for sale and still in perfect condition ... I live in Kings Park
  18. Macnab
    Macnab animalsasleader
    Hail from South Africa!
    Just needed to tell you that you're a GOD, Senior Abasi!
    The following is strong here and we'd love to have you over sometime. Hope the Abasi range is going well since all the kak you received and the frets remain alight! I know I'll be ordering one as soon as I've saved up enough.
  19. Vixon
  20. Korneo
    Still searching for an ESP Amott Transblack adn a Mesa Rectifier blackface in france...
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