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Discussion in 'Dealers & Group Buys' started by Winspear, Jan 5, 2017.

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    Just got my bloodstained bone pick. It looks pretty cool, it looks a lot more realistic than I'd imagined it would, honestly. The new logo design helps gripping the pick a lot, as I said to Winspear, he should make this new logo permanent. And it looks awesome in the red colour. The back of the pick is sort of sticky, in a good way that makes it feel like it's not going to slip at all, which is a real problem with me. Unfortunately, there's just a tiny chip on the top side of mine, but I can't feel it and it's in a place that wouldn't ever affect playability. Speaking of playability, I haven't actually gotten to use it yet since I'm at work, but it's pretty unique looking and it's my first bone pick so I might not even use it, just have it around because it looks cool. It's about half as thick as the Shiv I ordered when I'd first heard of these picks and I'll definitely be getting a custom Shiv pick with this thickness soon.

    EDIT: I've just tried the bone pick on my guitar, it gives a brighter, bitey tone to my sound compared to my other Winspear picks. If he brings these out again next year, I'm definitely ordering more.
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    I know that Tom cannot reply here, i will contact him directly but i am looking for some user input first.

    Conventional pick grip causes me pain in the base of my thumb so i use a different grip. I pinch a pick between the tip of my thumb and the pad / tip of my first finger, such that the pick is at 90 degrees to my thumb, hand and arm. Due to this i have 2 small points of contact in the centre of each side of the pick and am therefore very fussy about what goes on at those points, that is exactly where the 'W' logo is (i assume it is on one side only?).

    I can see the logo is slightly recessed but i'm not sure how recessed it is, it's essential for me that the logo does not protrude above the flat surface of the pick, does it? Even better would be the logo being significantly recessed such that it creates a textured depression in the pick to act as a 'grip feature'.

    Anyway one way or another i will be trying out a thick Shuriken. I have tried 4.1mm V Picks and 6mm Gravity Picks, both triangular, but those are from the USA.
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    In that shadow over there -->
    You can pry the logo out actually. Done it. Feels great. It does ever so slightly protrude otherwise.

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