What to look for/consider when inspecting powered monitors?

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    My current rig is a guitar modeler and a powered monitor--but in this case, my monitor is an ion block rocker, which is basically a glorified ipod dock and it is not loud enough to play with other musicians. Totally works for practicing alone in my 1 bedroom, but like what if suddenly I meet someone who would wanna band up, or even just have a jam? So I'm on the hunt for a 12" monitor. I also think it'd be nice to have my speaker up on a pole, clear up some floor space in my tiny apartment.

    I've got a trade in the works, gonna lose one of my guitars for a powered Peavey monitor that is 15 years old and looks beat. The guitar I'm trading (actually selling but my ad said I'll consider trades for 12" powered monitors) is actually really nice, a Made in Canada Richmond Empire, but they don't sell for very much money, 300$ tops. Which, if I managed to sell it for 300, would afford me a brand new Peavey powered monitor. However, I've had it for sale for months, no one's taking it, why spend money when I have a guitar that is worth money that's rotting away under my bed.


    I know what to look for when checking out a gits, but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to pro audio equipment. Other than that it turns on and has a functioning 1/4" input, what else should I be checking to make sure I don't trade my quality guitar for bum gear? I'm not so sure about taking this trade, for the aforementioned reason that I was kinda looking for a nicer condition monitor considering I'm trading a nicer condition guitar, but if or when someone comes along with that nicer condition monitor for trade, what should I be inspecting?[​IMG]

    ^or do you think one of these old made in USA Peavey monitors are actually better than brand new ones which at that price point almost certainly are made in China or Indo?

    UGH. Never even mind. I just found out this thing isn't pole mountable. I know it might seem silly but that's kind of important to me. Floor space is a very precious commodity in my home. Well, either way, I still would be keen on some advice for inspecting old PA monitors.
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    I'd say to take some music samples you KNOW well with you and play them through the monitors to check if you like their tone and clarity. Also, I'd check for frequency range and power/output wattage... I have 2 Laney powered monitors for 20 years now and they still rock pretty well, I've plugged guitars directly, mics and bass and never ever heard them complaining... at the moment they are my computer monitors and I hear any music through them, piano, Planet X, Ravi Shankar, you name it...

    This to reinforce the idea of taking a sample of music you know well with you when going for the buy.
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    Flat EQ response and high build quality

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