Song Of The Month April/May 2010 - MF_Kitten's "Darker Days"

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    <strong> Song Of The Month: June/July 2010 - MF_Kitten's "Darker Days"</strong>
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    <b>MF_Kitten - "Darker Days"
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    Listen: (SoundClick - MySpace)</b>

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    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;"> Name/age/location: </span>

    Morten Fjeld, 21, Norway

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">Who are your biggest musical influences?</span>

    I grew up with all this lush sounding 80's music with ambient reverbs and all that, and that general feel stuck with me, and can be heard in everything I do. Meshuggah is an obvious influence, and so is Misha (Bulb). those two showed me how the constraints of music could be broken and expanded at will, which freed me up a whole bunch musically. Other than that, music with a progressive nature in general. Other smaller influences are waaaaay too many to list!

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;"> For those who haven't yet heard your song, describe "Darker Days" in seven words or less:</span>

    Staccato, Droning, Rainstorm, Dissonance, Climax, Grey.

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">What was the writing process like for "Darker Days"?</span>

    It started with a single guitar idea. I held my pick sideways, and used it to strike the string at the bridge, right after the saddle. The resulting dissonant sounding wailing sound is what you hear in the beginning and in the choruses, etc. I made a melody from it that I liked, and rhythm soon followed.

    I usually come up with an idea either by noodling around like that, or by doing it mentally, then opening up Logic to figure it out. I find the tempo with the metronome and record the basic guitar ideas. Then I get up DFHS and write the drums as I go, to establish the basic groove of the tune. After that, I just gather ideas that are in the same vein, figure out how they would stick together, which order they should be in, etc. For this song, I ended up leaving out like 4-5 different parts that sounded awesome, but wouldn't integrate. I'm saving those for later songs. That's something I've started doing: leaving out bits that, while sounding good, don't add to the song or fit in properly. I'm trying my best to do so, at least.

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">Did the song turn out as you'd envisioned it?</span>

    No and yes. It turned out much simpler and less convoluted than I had planned, since I removed so many smaller parts and riffs, but that also made it more effective. It's got a more established identity now, I feel.

    <img style="padding:20px;" align="right" src="" alt="Keith Merrow"/>
    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">What gear was used for the recording of "Darker Days"?</span>

    It was recorded with my RG 370DX, which has a Hufschmid OTT pickup in it that he gave me. that's the only pickup heard in the entire song.

    The guitar is tuned to open Ab: Ab-Eb-Ab-Eb-Ab-Eb.

    I get my tone from something as simple as the Pod X3 Live, which is doing well. I used the Big Bottom amp model and the T75 cab model with the off-axis mic setting. I put the boost+eq in front. In other words, it's the most standard "djent" setup ever, though i don't make it djenty with those components. the rest is just EQ work in the DAW.

    The DAW, by the way, is Logic Pro 8. The drums are good ol' DFHS. The bass is a software instrument bass, since I don't have a real one. I mix through Fostex PM1 MK2 monitors, which are nice and flat sounding. I then check everything through headphones, just to be sure.

    This song is getting a better mix and actual real drums in not too long, as it's going to be part of a teeny weeny EP that me and a drummer buddy are making. Stay tuned for that :D

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">Where should people go if they want to contact you or hear more of your music?</span>

    Contact me through this forum or through my Soundclick page. Thanks for the votes, guys!

    MF_Kitten on MySpace
    MF_Kitten on SoundClick

    If you'd like to have your say in choosing next month's Song Of The Month, click here and nominate and/or vote for the member's song of your choice. Be sure to follow all rules/guidelines (found here) to ensure a smooth and hassle-free voting period. Rock on!:metal:

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