Officer Mohamed Noor fatal shooting of Justine Damond

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    Furthermore, once you throw a handful of cops into the mix of everyday life who are going to shoot at every noise they hear, then it becomes a risk to my life every day, and if they are going to come to people's houses and shoot them, then it's a risk to my life whether I leave the house or not.

    A hero is a person with power that they use to help others. A villain is the same, only the power is used to do harm. There's not much of a line between real life heroes and villains, as often times, you need to harm someone in order to help someone else. When the person being harmed by the hero is out to harm someone else, and the person being protected is not a threat to anyone, we see things clearly, and I understand that real life is not generally this way.

    I don't disagree that cops in general are doing an extremely dangerous job, but the cops who shoot civilians who pose no threat to them, nor to the general public at large, are villains, pure and simple. Those people should not be allowed to continue to wield such power.

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