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    Apr 22, 2018
    Yo, so after skimming through this forum for a while, I’m finally taking the plunge and buying my first 7 string, so I figured now would be the perfect to sign up and pick a couple of brains.
    I’ve played guitar on and off since I was 16, mostly playing skate punk type stuff, then venturing into KSE type metalcore. Then a few years ago I heard Animals as Leaders and Meshuggah and my mind was sufficiently blown. Obviously digging deeper I established these guys were playing 8 string guitars, so I bought a used Schecter last year, and while it’s been fun to dick about on, I can’t get used to it as a mainstay instrument, so I decided after some deliberation that I’d be able to get a lot more use from a 7 string, especially as I’m just getting started on extended range stuff. so I’ve done some research on it and it’s come down to a couple of used Ibanez RG’s, which I’ll go into in a separate post. I’ve been an ibanez guy most of my playing days and I think maybe the neck was one of the issues the Schecter felt as alien to me. Some help pulling the trigger from you guys would be greatly appreciated.
    Other than that thanks for having me and I hope to speak to some of you soon

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