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    So, I tried out the new google sites, and...everything seems to be broken. I don't have any of the options available in the help files for things like setting permissions, choosing the site's name, adding widgets, etc., and when I tried publishing a rudimentary site, my graphics and banners are not showing, and I can only seem to access the site from my own account, even though the site is "published" and "viewable by anyone."

    I tried contacting google's help team and they said I was using the wrong version of Chrome, even though I've tried it on several browsers and from several different systems.

    Then I saw tons of other people were having the same problems as me, too.

    So, I'm leaning toward the new google sites is simply broken, or, in practice is broken. Most of my widgets on my old site are now broken too, even though they worked before. I guess it just doesn't pay to try have your own site for free. I had been using a pay site, which was much better, but I simply didn't have enough traffic to justify it.

    Has anyone else tried this sort of thing?

    I've been doing my own free sites since, well, BBS was still the thing, and I've really never found it to be challenging before.

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