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Discussion in 'Bass Guitar Discussion' started by 7 Dying Trees, May 25, 2018.

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    I wanted a bass and ended up with one of these. Never heard of it before as and stumbled across it on eBay. Put in anoffer and the dude accepted. Picked it up 2 days ago.

    So I know very little about basses, and kind of remember liking the f series an old bassist had. I liked the neck profile, and yeah, the f series shape always has looked really nice as a bass. One frind kind of mentioned the esp stuff has a fenderish quality to it, so I reckoned I could get near enough with one and so set about looking for one in purple. Only found crap bolt on ones, and then stumbled across this one. In green. Decided to chance it, and, well, I'm really happy with it. I like playing it, it's got a good clank that i like to it, on neutral settings I am really digging the sound as well. As a bonus, it sounds waaaaaaaaaay better than my inherited bass that I have. In fact, that is either getting sold, or given away, as don't need two, and certainly don't need one which I am now guaranteed never to touch again.

    It looks cool, has inlays that kind of match the UVs (I do like the eye in the 7th fret, really digging that), and yeah, it's a sig, but another buddy pointed out that that probably meant better wood choices. In any case, I don't mind, I've hung out with the dude a few times when i was still touring, and he was really nice, so it's worked out nicely.

    I don't think there's too many of these, but doesn't matter, as I like it, and I know it'll get me creative on some bass lines as it's fun to play.


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