Musical Fallacies

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    They also don't really clip much (if at all) with fresh batteries. But oh man do they ever when the battery gets low. I once recorded direct into my interface and compared the waveforms with fresh vs near dead batteries. It was wild. Just a hard cutoff on the dead batteries. Even the cleanest if clean tones was fuzzed.
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    Four things about the tone of EMGs stand out:
    1. Slew rate clipping in the older ones
    2. Ungodly high output causing headroom-clipping at 9V
    3. Built-in high-pass filter which is there whether you want it or not
    4. Essentially parallel wiring, with each coil buffered individually, giving them amazing high-end extension

    Newer EMGs change 1 of those things. If you hate the other 3, you'll still hate the newer EMGs. Like me. I actually preferred the 81/81 set to the 57/66 set and I'm passiv 4 lyf.
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