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Discussion in 'Live Performance & Stage Sound' started by Rawkmann, Jan 30, 2018.

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    Dec 23, 2013
    I'm starting to see more and more threads about using backing tracks live so I thought it might be helpful for people to see how we pull it off. I'm actually ok if people think it's 'lame' to use backing tracks, but it lets us get out there and play even when it's not possible to find a full time drummer and/or bass player. Plus the general audience doesn't seem to mind too much once we get going. It does help when the venue has a good system and competent sound guys.

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    I've got no problem for bands using a backing trak if they're using it to replace a musician :yesway:
    (Unless they're "replacing the 2nd guitarist" to double the rhythm tracks. That is lame and just an excuse masquerade the not-tight-enough playing - gtfo baby please! :lol: )
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    Man this is actually inspirational. My band are about to start doing this ourselves.
    There is 5 of us and no drummer. We have already started programming midi drums with the intention of getting them mixed/mastered and sent back as Wavs so we can mix our own drum sound live.

    Im hoping the pros of replacing a drummer in this way, massively outweigh the cons.

    from what I can gather

    Pros of real drummer:-
    Live drum sound is better
    More organic (could be a con if you want Fear Factory tightness)
    visually looks better live I guess (Although debatable imo)

    sets can get sloppy and go to shit, even if the drummer has a click in ear
    Drum Kits are massive and take up ALOT of stage room
    Setup time/pack down is increased to the point where your set length will be less because of it
    because of this /\, it tends to burden the whole band where everyone has to help pack down the Kit
    (I never remember a drummer helping me with my guitar setup)
    the drummers in my areas are unreliable and as people, complete dickheads

    so realistically I actually see the idea of backing track drums, way way more desirable than a human drummer based on my last 10 years of experiences. Drummes Ive worked with have always been THE main reason writing is going too slowly, or band practices get cancelled or become awkward because of their attitude. Live performances can be unbearable. Had 1 dude honor a show but intentionally played shit just to piss off the band he was exiting. (his last act of ego trip before leaving).

    Every stage feels bigger + more room for Scrims.
    Packup/setup is so quick, you gain extra time for more songs
    the set is as tight as your recordings and sounds completely consistent to the album every show
    not got to deal with conflict of personalities
    not holding the band up from gigging
    not holding the band up in writing (had one dude who after 3 months, still couldnt get the 1st track down...apparently basic song structures were confusing and he just wanted to blast beat over everything)

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