Lesson Series - How Meshuggah Choose Which Notes to Play

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    Hi all!

    Almost all lessons on Meshuggah focus on their rhythms (for obvious reasons!) but I've rarely seen discussion of their note choice. I've created this lesson series that's designed to give you an idea of the way they write their riffs but it requires no previous theory knowledge - everything you need to know will be described as you go through the lessons. I'll update this OP as I do more lessons, I hope you find em interesting! :)

    Would appreciate feedback on -
    Most useful ideas to you
    What parts are entertaining/boring
    Speed at which material progresses
    Anything you'd cut/add?

    Generally people seem to dig these but I'd like to know these things so I can keep improving my content! :)

    Currently planned future lessons -
    Layering and soundscapes
    Guitar solos
    By The Ton detailed analysis

    Lesson 1 - Tritones in Neurotica/Stengah/Entrapment

    Lesson 2 - Diminished Scales in Demiurge/Swarm/Born In Dissonance/Bleed

    Lesson 3 - Chromaticism in Neurotica/Monstrocity/Dehumanization/I Am Colossus


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