K.I.R. - ARCANUM || FULL EP 2018

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    Nov 9, 2014
    Happy New Year, dear friends! Wish you all the best :)
    I’m excited to start my 2018 by presenting to you my new EP album ARCANUM! I am sincerely grateful to everybody who supported me. Hope you enjoy it. Give it a thumbs up and share.
    Written, recorded, programmed and mixed by Kirill Barakhtyansky.

    If you like my EP you can buy "Arcanum" here:
    ➤ Bandcamp: https://kir666.bandcamp.com/album/arcanum

    GUITARS used in this album:
    Carvin DC727C (Retribution) || Jackson Infinity Pro (Arcanum) || Mayones Setius 6 (Melancholy) || Music Man JP12 BFR 7 (The Last Sunset & Desolation)

    Guitars were RECORDED with LINE 6 POD HD Pro
    Presets: http://presetron.com/users/10103
    Tutorials: http://bit.ly/2uzm7RY

    All rights reserved ©
    Stay tuned! New video is coming soon

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