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    The iTrader system used by this site, is essentially our version of eBay feedback. It's a way of tracking ones reputation regarding sales as both buyer and seller in order to prevent scammers or just poor sellers from taking advantage of our users.

    How To Leave iTrader Feedback:
    Click on the user's name to view their profile. Then select the "Feedback Score" tab under their profile picture.


    The next step is clicking where it says "View Complete Feedback".


    Now, just click where it says "Submit Feedback".


    That'll take you to a prompt where you can then fill out the details of the transaction and leave your rating.


    If you use the iTrader system as a form of "rep" similar to the reputation system, especially in a negative way, you will be perma-banned. No questions asked. This system only works if everyone is honest about the feedback they give and is a way to prevent scams and shady sellers/buyers. You have been warned.
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