INXS (Kinda) meets Mr Big (Kinda) meets Smash Mouth (kinda) meets Hellhammer (kinda)

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    This is a strange collaboration - with a lot of weird connections. JD Fortune (Post-Hutch INXS vocalist), Billy Sheehan (Mr Big and loads of other projects), Randy Cooke (session drummer and current member of Smash Mouth), and Mike Krompass (producer/songwriter/mixer extraordinaire) are forming a group called The Fell. They have a track called "Footprints" on Youtube with their former vocalist, named Anthony De La Torre. Torre is best known for playing young Jack Sparrow in the Pirates movies and he is currently filming the Norwegian Black Metal biopic, called Lords Of Chaos, in the role of Hellhammer. The heck is going on here...

    Anyway, this track sounds like it could be right in JD Fortune's wheelhouse. Yet, he seems like he sabotages every chance that passes his way. Also, I don't know how much of a band this will actually be with all of the prior commitments on Billy's plate. Heck, maybe none of them have been in the same room together, because that is one patched together video. But whatever. I figured I would post this for anyone that might give a toss about the varied participants.

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