Infinity ever MCU movie

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    Let's not even go through that convoluted messed up web of Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell/Shazam confusion and lawsuits that lead to this debacle. It's hard enough trying to keep up with Carol Danvers herself without going cross eyed. :lol:

    To keep it simple, just treat 'Captain Marvel' and 'Ms Marvel' as mantles, much like Captain America/Captain Britain, Ant Man etc. The movies are doing so by giving the mantle to Carol Danvers. But then Jude Law is playing MarVell and Feigie planning on introducing Kamala Khan and I've now gone cross eyed.

    Michael Douglas plays the character in the movies (Ant Man), but in a much smaller role than the character in the comics (ie, he formed the Avengers, made Ultron etc).

    It's times like these it's no wonder people would rather watch Marvel than read Marvel. :lol:
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    Carol Danvers was an air force test pilot who encountered a kree warrior named Marvell (aka the OG Capt. Marvel) with superhuman strength, flight, etc. Basically Marvell's DNA fused with hers in an explosion and she got some of his powers. She becomes Ms. Marvel after Marvell leaves Earth, then takes up the mantle of Binary and then to Warbird and finally becomes Capt. Marvel later on. She's super strong, super tough, can fly, can manipulate energy and gravity, survive the vacuum of space and travel at light speed too.

    Kamala khan was an attempt by Marvel to try and bring some forced ethnic diversity to popular characters (when they already had plenty of ethnic characters like Magneto or Jubilee, silver samurai, etc). Basically she's a muslim mr. fantastic that took up the mantle of Ms. Marvel because she idolizes Carol Danvers.
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    LOVED IT...

    Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen were fantastic.
    Loved the action and pace.
    Humor was very well placed (unlike Thor Ragnarok).
    Can't wait to see what the next installment will bring...
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    the best of the MCU within 1 movie.
    Its an absolute treat. I was super nerding so hard whilst watching it, it genuinely blew my mind.

    I came out the cinema trying to honestly think of a movie Ive seen in the cinema in the last 10 years, that Ive enjoyed as much and I dont believe there has been one.
    Its a total masterpiece.
    An easy 10/10 and worth the accolades and the $2billion global takings its gotten so far etc.

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