Ibanez APEX 2 eBay Mystery, and my FIRST SEVEN STRING!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by MikeyV311, Nov 9, 2017.

What are the chances that you think I can figure out the story behind her are?

  1. You know enough already, just enjoy what you got, and be glad you got it!

  2. Don't go digging where you shouldn't. Somebody loved that guitar and had to take a big hit.

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  3. Dig until you cannot dig anymore! Time is of NO OBJECT!

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  4. You lucky bastard. STFU.

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  1. MikeyV311

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    Nov 8, 2017
    My name is Mike, I'm from New Haven, CT, been playing guitar for about 21 years. I was browsing the e(vil)Bay and came across something I couldn't pass up... An Ibanez APEX 2, PERFECT CONDITION, Ibanez Hardshell Case, with Strap-Locks, Band Signatures on the back, a Bare Knuckles Pickups with Zebra coloring (still trying to figure out the model) swapped into the bridge position, and also of


    -Frets 13-24 have been removed! (This is probably why I got such a great deal on this piece... not going to state exact numbers, let's just say it was under a half-grand, OK?)
    -Stock Dimarzio PAF-7 Model 957 Bridge PU swapped for a BARE KNUCKLES
    pickup! (Have no idea which model, but don't really care BC it is the BEST sounding pickup I've ever test-driven!
    -4 Signatures which look to be from KoRn on the back of the guitar!
    -I have no idea where this guitar came from, but it's MAGICAL! I MUST find out her story!

    I couldn't be happier, I have been looking to move to a 7 for YEARS... (KoRn is one of the bands that initially inspired me to start playing guitar ) but I just couldn't seem to find a model that "fit" in my local stores... I am the type of person who usually MUST see what I am buying in person before I pick it up. Especially when it comes to precious instruments/tools/etc.

    This will also be my first time signing up for a Guitar Forum that focuses on 7-Strings, and ends in ORG! (you don't even know how happy that makes me....)

    OK I'm rambling. I just need to figure out the "story" behind this JEM, (may i use that word in a non-JEM related posting? They do make 7-string JEMs!!) and tell this great community how excited I am to have my "zest" for playing brought back by a magical gift which was found at the right time, right place, right seller, right buyer, right setting. =) I will link pictures upon request.
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  2. M3CHK1LLA

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    orbiting caprica
    congrats and welcome to sso

    now let's see some pics

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