I don’t know exactly why I still post here...

Discussion in 'General Music Discussion' started by bulb, Jan 29, 2018.

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    B̶u̶l̶b̶ ̶w̶h̶o̶?̶

    Real talk, I think he's one of the few (kinda semi) active people on this site who seems to be ahead with the times and very cool with it. Too many people are stuck in some bubble and being so dissatisfied with the new stuff they're getting.
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    I personally think all of their music is unenjoyable, so all of their albums are "shitty," imo.

    I never said THEY were pushing hype. I dislike the fans more than the band (who I don't exactly hate, I'm just not a fan.), and your post is an example of why. Saying you need the attention span, listen to the whole album, it's not for the masses. Tool fans like to pretend you need to be enlightened, or some kind of better than anyone else to "get it."

    I want them to release an album because it WILL dissapoint some people, the same way any band does when time goes by. It'll get rid of some of the annoying fans who think they're somehow better than me because they like a band that I don't. Tool fans, in general, are pretentious. Fuck, Maynard isn't exactly a fan of these fans either. He basically called the people needlessly building hype "insufferable retards" once upon a time.
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    Seeing as I started the Tool shitposting on this thread, I will say enough is enough with that.

    Anyway whenever Misha posts up new gear, it's always a joyous sight to behold. Also in regards to designing his instruments, yes he has a high standard and designs them to his specs, but he also knows what the most popular specs are on this forum in regards to scale lengths on 7 strings and the look and feel of his instruments.

    It reminds me of when Alex Wade of Whitechapel used to visit this forum and said that although he designed the guitar for himself, he always took into account of the preferences of this forum in order for us (the community) to feel like our likes and dislikes when it came to guitars are being taken care of.
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    I hope Tool goes into the studio with Bob Rock and makes their Black Album.

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