[HELP] Mystery BOSS NS-2 Mod

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    I went in to the pawn shop today and came across an NS-2.
    I quickly realized it was not stock and had a toggle switch over part of the logo.
    A toggle switch on a noise suppressor.. for what?!

    I went home and tried to do some research before buying and didn't really come across any pictures of modded NS-2's with a toggle.
    I did eventually come across a "Sparkle Mod" sold by Loophole pedals which "Sparkle Mod: This mod adds a toggle switch to add sweet high frequencies.".


    That's as close as I've come to figuring this thing out, I also don't have much of any electronics experience which doesn't help.

    I've since purchased the pedal and I am about to fire this baby up but was hoping in the meantime someone here might be able to chime in!
    Hopefully the pictures help.

    EDIT: I realize this might be in the wrong section, I apologize in advance if so!

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