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    I'm a multi-instrumentalist and I'm looking for work, preferably to join a gigging band. My favorite genre is hard rock, but my last gig was as a bassist/ backing vocalist in a hip-hop band, so at least I'm versatile. I'll play any style of music: from pop to metal and from hip-hop to rockabilly.

    As a guitarist, I'm big into 80's type hard rock, my biggest influence is george lynch. I'd say for the most part that 80's hard rock (Ratt/ Dokken/ VH) is where I'm most comfortable playing.

    As a singer, I'm a powerful bass and have a great falsetto. Influence range from Bruce Dickenson to the Beach Boys. I'm comfortable with lead or backing vocals.

    As a bassist, I'll play Rock/ Jazz/ Hip-hop whatever. My last project was a hip-hop band and while I don't really care for the music, It was fun to play. I typically either play slap bass or with a pick. Influences range from Scott Owen to Tim Commerford.

    I'm located in Central Connecticut.


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