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    Feb 5, 2017
    Hello everyone im reintroducing myself in some way I have been following this forum back in 2008 and somewhat lost interest in playing music along the way...
    But now since i have more time at home and having a familly i started playing again maybe 4 years ago i tought the forum was dead until i eneded up here while searching for a 8 string last year since then im watching the forum again it is still more interesting then all those facebook groups witch im not a fan of im a bit of a technophobe i guess... Anyway i am mostly into deathmetal things and slam but im a huge periphery deftones meshuggah fan too so im somewath open minded when it comes to my musical tastes. Im mostly a bass player but i have found interest in 8string guitars along the way. My collection consist of a douzen guitars and bass i have hoardered over the years ranging from warwick customs to km7.
    Im happy to see the forum is still alive see you soon!
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    Welcome back, post pics up of you hoard! Always nice to get a look at the gear.

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